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People say “as plain as the nose on your face” because the nose is such a prominent facial feature. At the same time, no one wants their nose to call attention to itself. It needs to be suitably pleasing so that it doesn’t draw attention away from the eyes or the mouth. This is why rhinoplasty (nose surgery) is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures for both men and women.

Rhinoplasty can correct most cosmetic problems of the nose, and some breathing difficulties can be corrected at the same time, such as a deviated septum. The outcome of your nose surgery is very much dependent upon the skill and experience of your surgeon, however. Board-certified facial plastic surgeons Drs. Kiener and Sykes have performed many successful nose surgeries, helping their patients feel more confident about their appearance.

We will spend time with you in consultation, answering all of your questions. Dr. Kiener or Dr. Sykes will make recommendations to help you make an informed decision about how you want your nose to look after your surgery.

If you are interested in learning more about rhinoplasty in Sacramento, CA, continue reading or contact us online. Roseville Facial Plastic Surgery is located in Roseville and offers outstanding services to patients throughout the greater Sacramento area and beyond.

What can be accomplished by Rhinoplasty?

Sometimes called nose reshaping, rhinoplasty is a way to alter the size and/or contour of your nose. The surgery can correct:











  • A long nose
  • A crooked nose
  • A bump or hump on the nose
  • Deformity due to nasal injury
  • Large nostrils
  • A wide nose
  • A misshapen or asymmetrical nose



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How does Roseville Facial Plastic Surgery Approach Rhinoplasty?

We take into account the entirety of your face so that your nose is in proportion to your other facial features. There is a special relationship between the nose and the chin, for example, as well as between the nose and the width of the cheekbones.

Dr. David J. Kiener, M.D.

We evaluate each patient carefully to determine the best way to make the nose look better. Every rhinoplasty is highly customized for the specific needs of the individual, and we employ any of a variety of advanced techniques.

—Dr. David J. Kiener, M.D.

Depending on your plastic surgeon’s assessment of your case, we will perform an open rhinoplasty or closed rhinoplasty. Open nasal surgery involves an incision across the columella, which is the skin between the nostrils. This allows the surgeon the most visibility and accessibility to the inner structure of the nose.

In a closed rhinoplasty, the surgery is done entirely through the nostrils without an external incision. This technique is acceptable in most cases. Open rhinoplasty is used in more complex cases, including most revision cases when the patient has had nasal surgery before. While there is an external scar when the open technique is used, it is on the underside of the nose where it will not be readily visible. The scar will also fade and flatten over time.

To reshape the nose, cartilage is removed or rearranged, as necessary. Bone is sometimes shaved or removed as well, particularly in the case of a bump or hump on the bridge of the nose. In some  cases, cartilage is taken from the ear or even the ribs in order to build up insufficient areas of the nose.

Prior to your procedure, Dr. Kiener or Dr. Sykes will review your surgical plan with you so that you know what they intend to do to provide you with the cosmetic result you want.

What is Recovery Like After Rhinoplasty?

Most patients are surprised that recovery from rhinoplasty is relatively easy. It is no longer necessary in many cases to pack the nostrils after the surgery. If packing is necessary, it is most often done with a very small amount of material. There is, of course, some residual swelling, bruising, and tenderness, as well as stuffiness and some minor nasal bleeding for the first few days.

Keeping your head elevated for a few days will speed resolution of the swelling. Most swelling resolves over the first few weeks, but it will take several months to a year or more for all of the swelling to fully resolve. So, please be patient, as it will take some time before you will see the final results of your nose surgery.

You can take pain medications, if necessary, during the healing process, and a small splint will be applied to the outside of your nose for about one week in order to make sure your nose retains its new shape.

Plan to take 7-10 days off from work and social activities as you heal. Exercise and sports should be avoided for at least 4 weeks.

You will follow up with us several times after your surgery to ensure that you are healing well and that you are happy with your results.


Roseville Rhinoplasty – FAQ

Is Rhinoplasty Surgery Painful?

Rhinoplasty is generally not painful. Our patients are given pain medication, but many use only a few during the first few post-operative days.

What are the Risks of Rhinoplasty?

Fortunately, complications after rhinoplasty are unusual. Risks usually mentioned are bleeding, infection, risks related to anesthesia, and unsatisfactory cosmetic appearance. There is always some degree of swelling and bruising but varies widely in degree and is expected.

What is the Recovery Time for Rhinoplasty?

We tell patients they can resume most activities in about 10 days. Vigorous exercise should wait three to four weeks.

How Long After my Rhinoplasty Will I See the Final Results?

Most swelling resolves in about two weeks. The last bit of swelling can last up to one year. There are subtle changes in the appearance over a long period, but a good idea of the final result should be evident in a few weeks. Patients with thicker skin remain swollen longer than those with thin skin.

How Long Does It Take for Swelling and Bruising to Dissipate?

Most bruising and swelling resolve in about two weeks.

How Do I Minimize Bruising After Rhinoplasty?

You should avoid any medications or supplements that thin the blood and contribute to possible excessive bleeding such as Aspirin and Motrin. Supplements such as Vitamin E and Fish Oil also can prolong bleeding. We give you a long list of medications to avoid before and after surgery. We also give you special perioperative Vitamin/Supplements to use before and after surgery to help minimize bruising that include Arnica and Bromelain.

Is There a Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty Approach?

Fillers have been used recently to make minor changes in the appearance of the nose. These are temporary and have limitations on what they can accomplish. Minor irregularities after surgery can sometimes be improved with a filler instead of considering further surgery.

 Is it Common to Have Breathing Problems After Rhinoplasty?

Occasionally patients feel their airway is not as good as it was before surgery. This could occur if the upper part of the nose is narrowed. We often do work on the nasal septum (middle structure separating the left from the right side of the nose) and inferior turbinates’ (bone and mucosal tissue on the side of the inside of the nose) to enlarge the airway. Most patients breathe better after surgery than before.

How Can I Achieve Natural Looking Rhinoplasty Results?

The best advice for getting a natural look would be having the surgery done by an experienced surgeon. Get opinions from a few surgeons and look at before and after photos of patients.

What Type of Anesthesia is Used for Rhinoplasty?

Most patients prefer general anesthesia done by an anesthesiologist. Surgery can be done awake with some sedation if preferred.

 How Long do Rhinoplasty Results Last?

Results should be permanent. Some changes occur to everyone’s nose over a long period. No one’s nose looks the same at age 20 and 70 regardless of whether surgery had been done.

How Much Time Will I Need to Take Off from Work After Rhinoplasty Surgery?

Most patients take off about 10 days from work. There is an external splint (like a mini cast) that stays on for one week. There may be internal splints used that would also be removed at one week. Some patients can return to work sooner than others. If you work with a computer, you may be able to do some work from home one to two days after surgery. If you do physical labor such as a roofer, you would likely be off for three to four weeks.

How Soon Can I Exercise after Rhinoplasty?

Our patients can start walking right after surgery. You could lift light weights in a few days. Full exercise should not be done until three to four weeks after surgery.

I Am of an Ethnic Background. Is There a Rhinoplasty Procedure that Caters to an Ethnic Nose?

There are procedures that address ethnic noses. The procedure would depend on the ethnicity. Some ethnic groups have a long nose and prominent hump; some have a wide and flat nose. The procedure is always tailored to the individual patient after a complete discussion of their goals.

What Should I Look for In a Rhinoplasty Surgeon?

It’s best to seek a surgeon who has a special interest in rhinoplasty. You should look at their pre and post-operative photos. Rhinoplasty is the most complex and challenging procedure Facial Plastic Surgeons perform.

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