Always a pleasant visit with all of you! Everyone is so warm and friendly, we feel like we are visiting family


I have lost count from the number of consultations I have been to over the past ten years Dr. Sykes was recommended by another Beverly hills doctor (yes he has another office in BH) and after calling I was given an appointment within two weeks.

I am now two months postop and can let anyone who is apprehensive that this doctor has hands of gold!!! I never imagined in my wildest expectations that my 5 procedure surgery, brow & lip lift, chin implant, lower face lift, and neck came out absolutely perfect!!!
I am the biggest perfectionist and was terrified and the fact that this doctor exceeded my expectations is really something. I look 15 years younger.

There is no filler in the world that could do this and very few doctors with the skillset experience and a true eye for artistry and balance. There are many plastic surgeons out there but he is in a class of the top 5% in the world. I even sent my daughter to him after.

I was 80% healed at a month. No visible scars at this point and the only visible sign of surgery is the hairline suture above my brows that is now gone. The majority of my work is from the back of my head.

I almost never leave reviews but wanted to share my amazing results and to address what others have posted.
Dr. Sykes is double board-certified in ENT and Plastic Surgery you would be hard-pressed to find that on paper.
To anyone who said he acted like he doesn't care or has an attitude, he rushes you, or anything to that effect I must rebut and say he hears you and will answer any questions or concerns but even more important he is looking at you and planning the best outcome for you! His care is tapered to your needs and it's about you and only you when he is seeing you. He gives you his personal cell to text with any questions or concerns and his staff is the most wonderful all about service and taking care of anything you need and if that is not enough his partner Dr. Kiener is also available 24/7 for any needs as well.

I am so happy and completely over the moon with my results and I want everyone to share in some positive results by going to this Surgeon. I suggest you write down every question before your appointment so that all your questions are answered. I feel like a new human and if you are looking for any procedure from the neck up, Dr. Sykes is the best choice for you. I will answer any questions on my procedure or about my review. Trust me you will be so happy you trusted Dr. Sykes with your face.


Everyone was awesome! Oh and Dr. Sykes was great too. LOL so excited to find an artist/surgeon that I can trust to do what needs to be done with great results. There was such a calm within after my consultation. Beyond excited and happy. Thank you so much! Other offices could take a page from Dr. Sykes and his staff on how to run a practice.


Dr. Sykes, Elizabeth, Kathy and the reception team were great! I was very anxious about the surgery and everyone was very informative.

~Surgery patient


My fillers and BOTOX are always better with the doctor’s here, I can tell a difference from the place I was going before.


I am so glad I found your doctors, I already see a better result than the spa I was going to.


I am so happy with my filler injections to my lips it has been two weeks and they are so natural. Dr. Kiener thank you so much.


I was never a smoker but I had smoker lip lines. After Restylane, the lines are gone and I look years younger! Very happy with the results.

~K. Root

What a class act you all are! Professional, compassionate and gentle. With much appreciation!


Dr. Kiener is my secret to looking and feeling younger, this is a quote I got from a friend: "You are so cute and you look younger than the last time I saw you. How do you do it?" Thanks, Dr. Kiener this made my week!  

~DC, age 77

I've been using the love my body products Elizabeth recommended and I LOVE LOVE LOVE them! They have really made a difference.

~Leah, Age 38

I'm looking good and feeling good. My skin feels tighter and like it has a new foundation of support from underneath.

~Sharon, 66

I work out often and have a forever double chin. I would never think of having a drastic procedure like lipo. Additionally, surgery would not be an option for me at this point in my life. After a thorough consultation with Dr Sykes and his staff, I felt Kybella would be an excellent alternative.

The procedure itself was non invasive and I felt very little pain. I did have moderate bruising and the area was swollen with moderate numbness/tenderness. I was able to easily cover the bruising with make-up; the swelling was definitely more noticeable. I was unable to run for about four days due to some discomfort but walking was fine. After about three weeks the swelling decreased and I was able to notice a definite difference. I can say my double chin is practically non existent. I have my second and final injection scheduled later this month and cannot wait.


Just had my treatment and it was painless for me and I’m looking forward to seeing my full results in four weeks.

~E. age 48

Everyday I look into the mirror and say “Thank you Dr. Sykes”! When I tell some one how old I am they say “no way, you don’t look over 60!” People compliment me on how much younger I look for my age, and at 78 that is a great feeling.


Thank you for my “new face” I don’t know who does what but you both make a great team! I really appreciate all you both did” Thank you so much.

~S. Age 65


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