Rhinoplasty Case 10



This lovely 33-year-old woman had a rhinoplasty over 10 years ago during which the surgeon resected too much of her nasal tip cartilages, causing her both cosmetic and functional problems.

This patient also felt that her forehead was too large and did not like the way her eyes had a droopy, tired appearance. She also wanted to add volume to her lips.

She underwent a revision rhinoplasty with rib graft, forehead shortening, brow lift, and lip augmentation with filler.

Only a few weeks after surgery, this patient is an excellent example of how creating optimal facial balance can have a dramatic and life-changing effect. Her upper and lower face are now in perfect harmony, her nasal tip has a softer, natural appearance, and her lips look full and plump. She is thrilled with the functional and aesthetic outcomes and so am I.


*Individual Results May Vary