Facelift Case 34



This gorgeous 43-year-old woman wanted to restore a youthful appearance and to improve her overall facial balance. I performed a facelift, necklift, browlift, bony orbital contouring, otoplasty, and TCA Peel.

Facelift: Her jowls and nasolabial folds are tighter giving her jawline and cheeks more contour. The wrinkles around her cheeks, lips and under her mouth have been reduced.
Necklift: Her neck/jawline has been lifted, tightened, and contoured.
Browlift: Her forehead has been shortened and wrinkles erased.
Bony Orbital Contouring: The area around her eyes has been softened creating a more feminine appearance.
Otoplasty: Her ears have been reshaped to make them less prominent and in line with her other facial features.
TCA Peel: Her skin looks brighter and smoother with a radiant glow.

*Individual Results May Vary,