Rhinoplasty Case 37



This beautiful 39-year-old individual desired facial feminization. I performed several surgeries that enhanced her appearance and provided feminization of her face.

These included:
1. Hairline Advancement: forehead shortening with bony orbital contouring and bony brow contouring with a browlift
2. Chin and Jaw Contouring: shaping and altering her mandible
3. Septorhinoplasty: improved the straightness, definition, and function of her nose
4. Thyroid Cartilage Shave: improved the contour of her neck

Two months after surgery, a Sub nasal Lip Lift was performed under local anesthesia, which made her upper lip more pronounced and feminine.

These photos were taken 8 months after her procedures and she is so happy with the changes made from the facial feminization surgery. She looks natural, enhanced, and even more youthful.

*Individual Results May Vary