Facelift Case 36



This lovely 39-year-old felt wanted to create more contour and balance to her mid and lower face. She also wanted to rejuvenate her eyes. I performed a deep plane facelift, chin implant, and fat transfer to her lower eyelids.

At her 4-month post operative visit, she looked and felt refreshed and rejuvenated. She is extremely pleased with her new lease on life! Results outlined below:

Facelift: Her jowls and nasolabial folds are tighter giving her jawline and cheeks more contour. Neck lift: Her neck/jawline has been lifted, tightened, and sculpted. Chin Implant: Her chin and jawline is sharp, contoured, and in balance with her other facial features. Lower Lid Fat Transfer: Her eyes look more rested and youthful.

*Individual Result May Vary