Facelift Case 37



This beautiful 66-year-old woman did not like the heaviness in her face and neck, and she also wanted to improve the laxity of her face to restore a youthful appearance. I performed a facelift, neck lift, browlift, lip lift, and quad blepharoplasty (upper & lower eyelids), and TCA peel.

Results outlined below:

Facelift: Her jowls and nasolabial folds are tighter giving her jawline and cheeks more contour. The wrinkles around her cheeks, lips and under her mouth have been reduced. Neck lift: Her neck/jawline has been lifted, tightened, and contoured. Her lower face looks slimmer and sculpted.
Browlift: The wrinkles on her forehead and between her eyes have been markedly reduced.
Lip Lift: Her white lip has been shorten exposing more red lip, resulting in a more youthful, full pout.
Quad Blepharoplasty: Her upper eyelids are tighter and the dark circles under her eyes have been markedly reduced, making her look more awake, youthful and rested.
TCA Peel: Her skin looks brighter and smoother with a radiant glow.

She loves her result and I look forward to seeing her over the next few months as she continues to heal.

*Individual Results May Vary