Rhinoplasty Case 20



This beautiful 24-year-old woman wanted to make some subtle changes to her nose and chin to enhance her natural beauty and create optimal facial balance. I performed a Septorhinoplasty and Chin Reduction.

For her nose, she did not like the way the tip dropped when she smiled. She also wanted to reduce the size and width of her nasal bridge. For her chin, she wanted to reduce projection and create a softer, more feminine face shape.

At her one-month after surgery post-operative visit, she looks incredible! Her nose and chin are now in perfect harmony with the rest of her facial features and she is thrilled with the subtle yet stunning result.

It’s important to note that her chin is still quite swollen. Chin reductions take much longer for the initial swelling to go down (about 4-6 months). Patience is key when healing from both nose and chin procedures.

We will post a follow up of how she looks in 6-8 months so you can see her full transformation.

*Individual Results May Vary